Clinical Waste Disposal Services


Lancashire Environmental Services has many years experience in the safe and legitimate collection and disposal of clinical waste.

All types of clinical waste are removed and complete audit trails are supplied from collection to disposal.  Each site varies in the type of services it requires and flexibility will be provided for the sites needs.

  • Yellow bag waste for Incineration
  • Yellow Tiger(Black Stripe) bag waste  – Wet Waste
  • Sharps (Needle Removal, Blades, etc.)
  • Out of Date drugs removal (Blue lid)
  • Female Hygiene Units (Sani-bins)
  • Odour control units for Nursing care homes

PLUS our personal DIALYSIS COLLECTION SERVICE from private addresses.

Our disposal service  is carried out strictly in line with current legislation. A full audit trail is kept for all the waste removed from any premises and documents are supplied for your protection, to show that you adhere to “BEST PRACTICE” in its method of disposal. Documents to show a complete clinical waste audit trail that is needed can be viewed on this site.

Sharps disposal

We offer a full audit trail sharps disposal system to nursing homes, care homes, medical outlets, local authorities, tattooists and chiropodists.

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Sanitary bin service

Every toilet is cleaned and sanitized on site. So why not a Sani-bin?

 Our operator arrives at your site.

Operator separates Sani-bin.

Bag is tied and removed.

Bag placed in holdall for discretion.

Unit is sanitized, new bag fitted and germicide added.

The outside of the Sani-bin is cleaned, and once the consignment note has been signed, our operator discreetly moves onto their next service call.


Drugs disposal

Dupe kits are supplied to provide the right disposal tool for your requirements.

Our dupe kits will ensure only controlled drugs are fully de-natured and rendered irretrievable in line with the Environment Agency guidelines.

Each site is issued with a European Consignment Note code which allows a full audit trail of drugs to disposal back to producer. This system allows you to keep a full record about what has happened to your waste.

Head Office:

To arrange a free visit, a quotation or invite us to tender please telephone : 01772 885100