Lancashire Environmental Services (LES) was formed 1988 by John McCann  to offer high quality Pest Control services to to commercial and private properties within Lancashire.

1988   The LES Big Idea: Bring National Services to Local Customers at Local Prices

At that time John was with Rentokil for whom he had enjoyably spent a number of years as UK Sales Manager covering the length and breadth of the country; training surveyors to sell the Rentokil pest control services to industrial and domestic markets. Returning to Preston, John saw a niche in the market to offer local pest control services to Lancashire businesses and private dwellings. Working with an ex-Rentokil colleague John quickly grew the Lancashire Environmental Services contract base of local clients to  include British Aerospace, Lancashire County Council, and many local schools, shops and food outlets.

The LES USP: The Difference is Personal

Then, as now, customers received a personally tailor made service from Lancashire Environmental Services – as well as a market leading price structure to reward their continued custom.

1991   LES sets the standards for UK Clinical Waste Disposal

In 1991, there was a change in legislation regarding the hygienic disposal of clinical waste. Lancashire Environmental Services already had numerous Nursing Homes within its portfolio of valued pest control customers. Many asked whether LES could set up a collection/disposal operation for the “ Yellow bag waste” which they now produced.

A it was early in the application of the new legislation and Lancashire Environmental Services was one of the first companies in the UK to set up disposal processes in adherence to its new standards, John was invited by the London Waste Regulation Authority to  help them put together the first “Best Practice Document” for the disposal of clinical waste.  This document was adopted by ALL producers in the UK.

2000   LES sells the Crown Jewels – then is given the Jewels back!

By 2000, Lancashire Environmental Services clinical waste disposal service had rapidly grown to be a major provider in North West England. Lancashire County Council awarded LES it’s “Supplier of the Year” award twice specifically for its outstanding reliability and service standards in disposing the clinical waste generated by residential Nursing Homes, Special Needs Schools and other Schools.

Due to it’s high levels of service and resounding success the LES Clinical Waste Disposal  business was coveted by national and international services firms.  Having been  made an exceptional offer LES sold its Clinical Waste business in 2000 to a multinational corporation, and Lancashire Environmental Services returned to exclusively offering Pest Control services.

However, within 9 months the multinational which had acquired LES Clinical Waste Disposal business decided to retreat from the market. As a consequence, LES was relieved of the covenants which it undertook on the sale of the business. Suddenly LES was able to contact it’s previous customers and re-engage with them to provide Clinical Waste Disposal services – with an overwhelmingly positive response.

To the Present 

LES customers are delighted to deal with a local company offering a tailor made pest control and waste collection service to suit each customer’s individual needs. Their experience of dealing with large corporate suppliers is often different. The services and levels are not always tailored, the pricing can be aggressive and sometimes customers can feel channelled towards locking into long term contracts – which is not always possible or desirable.

In addition to Pest Control, LES is a major supplier of Clinical Waste Disposal services in the North West Region. Its portfolio of clients includes  the Commercial and Private/Domestic market.

John McCann remains the LES proprietor and lead practitioner. LES continues to grow and is proud to be a local business offering the highest quality Clinical Waste and Pest Control services to Lancashire clients at flexible local prices.

To arrange a visit, a quotation or invite us to tender please telephone : 01772 885100