A variety of systems are available to protect against the thirteen species of pest birds prevalent throughout the United Kingdom. Each system can protect buildings from pest birds and is recognized by MAFF, the RSPCA and other welfare organisations.

Lancashire Environmental Services are scrupulous in keeping to the spirit and the letter of the law. All pest birds are removed and despatched humanely under qualified supervision, using only permitted chemicals and physical means.

Lancashire Environmental Services offers a Bird Proofing program for every situation which includes

A) Netting
B) Proofing (Bristle strip & Gels)
c) Trapping.
D) Culling.
E) Guano removal and cleaning.
F) Shooting.


As you can see from the accompanying photo of the work Lancashire Environmental Services completed on Preston Town Hall, no job is to big.


A free survey is carried out and expert advice provided to attain the best methods to solve any situation.

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