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Anti-viral Fumigation is a treatment routinely used in our Pest Control Service for the disinfection of premises where pests have left infectious diseases and pathogens. Our BPCA accredited technicians are all trained as a minimum to a General Pest Control (GPC) Level 2 Award in Pest Management. So, you can be assured that any fumigation treatment in your premises follows best practise regulatory guidelines.

who can benefit from fumigation?

An infectious viral outbreak can occur anywhere from businesses, offices, schools to churches and can survive several days on surfaces or objects touched by an infected person. Everyday cleaning practises are effective, but time consuming in reaching every crack and crevice. Aerial dry disinfection is an ideal solution for destroying airborne pathogens, bacteria and viruses. The speed of disinfection across large spaces allows businesses and premises to re-open safely and quickly with minimal downtime.
Our dry aerial anti-viral disinfection service, using smoke fumigation which acts specifically on the cell membrane, offers an effective treatment and value for money. It is an ideal solution in:
• Restaurants, Pubs, Cinemas, Hotels & Event/Conference Centres
• Gyms, Swimming pools & Sports Clubs
• Schools & nurseries
• GP Practise, Clinics & Dentists
• Retail shops & Show rooms
• Vets, Kennels and Animal Care
• Offices & Manufacturing Sites
• Churches & Places of Worship

The Benefits of dry Disinfection include:

• Scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses
• Treats airborne and difficult to access contamination sources – anti-viral smoke gets into every crack and crevice preventing recontamination
• Surfaces are dry disinfected without a risk of corrosion (unlike fogging and spray treatments)
• Exceptionally low residue levels – no need for rinsing or wiping down after treatment
• Low environmental impact – lower biocide quantities (compared to spraying or fogging in the same coverage area)
• Reduces disinfecting handling costs
• Minimum disruption with less downtime for your business or premises

We use lab tested and regulated biocides where the main ingredient is a general disinfection used across hospitals, households, offices, food production and other premises. Tested in accordance with EU guidance and approved to EC regulation 1107/2009.

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