Kyle Abela

Looking back on my apprenticeship at LES

Kyle Abela

Business Administrator apprentice

My first 3 months at Lancashire Environmental Services have been a great experience in which I’ll always remember. Having started back in October and seeing how I’ve progressed through my apprenticeship so far; I can honestly say I’ve learnt so much within a short space of time. Going back to receiving the opportunity to begin work, the recruitment process was really smooth, simple, and the managers were really supportive and friendly. I’d heard about the apprenticeship from a well-known family member of mine who happened to be working as a technician for LES. He forwarded my name to one of the Managers along with my CV, and within a week I’d went in for an interview and was told the following week I’d got the job.

The first few weeks was really overwhelming, having no or little experience in managing a company. However, both Managers Janis and Paul, were really helpful in settling me in and showing me the ropes to who LES are and how their roles within the business help to operate and help keep the firm functioning.

Overtime, I have received a great deal of knowledge both in Accounting, Social Marketing, and HR.  For example, learning how to use our accounting software; Creating invoices for customers, uploading bills, and understanding how it affects our cashflow and good management. Also learning how social media impacts the way we work, drafting automated emails for customers to do referrals and give a google review on their recent servicing. Learning about social marketing has given me the opportunity to start researching how pests affect our livelihood, signs of pests and professional means to removing pests safely off site, which has allowed me to contribute towards future developments of our productivity, such as engaging and educational videos, and other videos in which you will expect to see.

I feel the contribution I have made to the team has been really uplifting and provided me with the confidence needed to organise meeting minutes. I’m aware that the work I complete is helpful for the business for both me and the business, as my work enables the managers to focus on other aspects of work and also grows my knowledge and helps me on the path of my apprenticeship. It’s also allowed me to feel contributed as I have the ability to give my input on projects from my own background knowledge and hobbies outside of work. The managers are really easy to work with and a pleasure to work alongside. I’m really looking forward to completing my apprenticeship come later this year and to grow with the Team.

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