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Pest Control

Pest Control, management

Pest Control Services

We offer a complete range of residential and commercial pest control services to provide hygienic working conditions for your business and staff.

Rodent Control

Pest Control, management

Rodents can cause disease, damage and destruction, and are a serious health and hygiene issue. Failure to control them can result in a large scale infestation, resulting in a much harder to control problem. Rodents bring serious penalties under the Food and Drugs and Health and Safety at Work acts.

Rodent Services

Standard Pest Control

A specific pest control contract to provide proofing and protection against rats, mice and cockroaches. 

The service includes regular treatments against all pests identified on the contract.

In the rare event that emergency work is required, an L.E.S technician can normally be on the premises within 24 hours of notification.

Proofing against other pests can be either added to the contract or dealt with on a one-off job basis.


Green Guard

This service incorporates a consideration of all the features which may give rise to an outbreak of a particular pest. Detailed Site Plans are provided to give any visitor an accurate plan of where baits are placed and also areas inspected or treated.

Departmental Check Lists of buildings and departments, indicating high risk areas and the location of detection systems, such as test baits and adhesive traps, are supplied for retention on site.

Action reports, upon completion of a service call, are forwarded if further infestation is suspected and full COSHH information sheets are supplied to identify the handling and safety requirements of any pesticides used in treatment.

Bird Control

Pest Control, management

A variety of systems are available to protect against the thirteen species of pest birds prevalent throughout the United Kingdom. Each system can protect buildings from pest birds and is recognized by MAFF, the RSPCA and other welfare organisations.

Lancashire Environmental Services are scrupulous in keeping to the spirit and the letter of the law. All pest birds are removed and despatched humanely under qualified supervision, using only permitted chemicals and physical means.

Lancashire Environmental Services offers a Bird Proofing program for every situation which includes:

  • Netting
  • Proofing (Bristle strip & Gels)
  • Trapping
  • Culling
  • Guano removal and cleaning
  • Shooting

Health & Safety Issues

In addition to being unsightly, feral pigeons and their droppings cause material damage to stonework, pointing and painted surfaces and are often carriers of transmittable infections.

They act as a fertiliser and promote the growth of fungi and mould which will further damage the building.

They introduce decay into structural timbers mainly wooden supporting structures in roofs due to fungal spores in their droppings, this eventually leads to very expensive repair work being carried out.

Droppings and nesting materials which block gutters and down-spouts lead to overflows and internal flooding, causing ruined decorations, damp walls and eventually extensive structural damage.

Where droppings fall onto floor areas it can cause slippery surfaces particularly in wet weather. Related accidental injuries can lead to claims from the owners of the building.

Insect pests of various species can be found in droppings and nesting materials. The insect pests then enter buildings and cause damage and contamination to foodstuffs, textiles and wood.

Others such as fleas are parasites and when they invade buildings they bite people which leads to staff and public relations problems.

Feral pigeons also carry a variety of diseases, such as salmonella poisoning and other gastric illnesses associated with bacteria.

Feral pigeon carries ornithosis a viral infection similar to influenza which is readily transmitted to humans.

Members of staff who work in the immediate area can be subject to illnesses and bites.

Insect Control

Pest Control, management

Flies, wasps, mosquitoes and many other insects pose a threat to health and hygiene in every shop, factory and nursing home. They cause disease, and failure to control them can bring penalties under the Food and Drugs and Health and Safety at Work acts. Protect your premises and enjoy fresh air with our range of wasp nest removal services, quality fly screen systems and electronic fly killer units, which can be supplied and fitted to your specification.

Electronic fly killers and fly screens

Lancashire Environmental Services’ approach to the problem combines two important features:

A detailed survey of your premises to determine the nature of the problem; this ensures you receive the best advice.

The installation of the right type and number of control units, as required.

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