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Wasp Nest Removal Services in Lancashire

Wasp Nest Removal Services

Lancashire Environmental Services is a family business of Pest Control experts based in Preston covering Lancashire and the North West.

During the summer months, wasps cause problems for our residential and commercial customers concerned about the risk that stings might cause for family or clients. A single wasp can sting multiple times and cause allergic reactions.

A trained pest controller is best placed to assess a wasp nest, consider the right approach and treat safely. Wasp nest removal should not be undertaken without the appropriate equipment and training. Wasp nests are often located in difficult and high positions that are hard to access, such as in the eaves of your roof, leave it to the professionals to keep you and others safe.


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Over 30 Years Experience

Lancashire Environmental Services is one of the leading pest control companies in Lancashire, trusted by many businesses and councils.

Registered by The Environment Agency

We insist on the highest levels of service for our clients and that means acting responsibly in the removal of pest control waste.

Proud Member of The BPCA

Being registered with the British Pest Control Association means that we offer the highest level of professionalism and best practice.


& Responsiveness

Means You Always Get Through To Who You Need.
  • We know what it’s like to be stuck on the phone,  just trying to speak to a customer services rep who knows exactly what our problem is, knows exactly how to solve it, and has the authority to make the decision.
  • We respond quickly to calls and fast track customer queries to the person who has the answers and the power to make them happen, fast!

Consistent Customer

Means We’re Always Here For You.
  • Relationships Matter and we all take personal pride in building professional relationships.
  • We are a local business and we are always happily here for you.
  • When our customers call us, they know us, and we know them.
  • Lancashire Environmental Services staff are well looked after and in turn are keen to look after our customers.

Our Flexibility Favours
Long Term Relationships

Means We Work Around You, Not Vice Versa.
  • As a local business, we want our customers to stay with us forever, because they want to, not because they contractually have to.
  • Our customers stay with us because they like us, rate us highly and value our service – not because they are locked into a rigidly inflexible contract.
  • As an owner managed business we have the flexibility to discuss different price structures and we have a genuine interest in you to ensure that you are well looked after.
  • We want local businesses to thrive! As a tailored service we can undertake our services in a structure which suits you – not us.

You Love

Means Your Spending Stays in Your Community.
  • We’ve said it often and we’ll say it again: We are local.
  • Our Customers and Clients know it and like it.
  • They know that the money we are paid for our services feeds directly and entirely back into the Lancashire market.
  • In what some commentators have called the age of austerity, this matters. A lot. Not just to our business, but to all Lancashire businesses.
  • We ourselves are proud to support locally owned and operated businesses so that they can grow, hire more staff, increase employment and improve our communities.

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